AI for image analysis unbounded

Aiforia removes the barriers to using AI in pathology

Millions of images, PetaScale computing clusters, hundreds of thousands of time consuming annotations? 

On the contrary, the future lies in agile, fast and scalable solutions. Come and talk to us to find out how. 

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Aiforia is fast and easy to use, in 15min you’ll see how AI models are annotated and trained in real-time:

- Automated breast, lung and prostate cancer grading
- Identifying biomarkers in immuno-oncology and PSC
- Automated SAF scoring for NASH/NAFLD
- And more (we cater to small and large image analysis challenges) !

Aiforia solutions are intended for research use only in the US. If you are based in Europe we can help you through our CE-IVD solutions.

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