Harnessing the full potential of AI in preclinical analysis

Deep learning AI has transformed image analysis. AI is now used increasingly in preclinical analysis by Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to not only accelerate research but to also improve accuracy and consistency. A scalable and agile solution for deploying this powerful tool is key in harnessing the full benefits of AI.

Experimentica, a Contract Research Organization developing and offering novel preclinical ocular models and services, presents on their work with Aiforia. Learn how scientists at the CRO used Aiforia Create to train a deep learning AI algorithm in their preclinical analysis to recognize and quantify neovascularization in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images. This is followed by a live demo of the cloud-based AI platform.


Maria Vähätupa PhD, Project Coordinator and Senior Scientist at Experimentica

Marc Cerrada-Gimenez PhD, Director of in Vivo Pharmacology at Experimentica

Lindsey Smith PhD, Field Application Scientist from Aiforia

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